The Best Cleansing, Massaging, Anti-Aging Sonic Skin Care Device with T-sonic technology.


Enhance Your Skin and Confidence
With an innovative design and revolutionary technology, ZOE BLISS delivers 7500 T-Sonic™ micro-pulsations per minute to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, apply product, reduce signs of aging, and reinvigorate the glow to your skin. ZOE BLISS has arrived to change your skincare and your life.

15 pulsation speed settings

• 7500 (Bliss) / 9000 (Plus) T-Sonic pulsations
• Adjustable and rhythmic pulsations


For all skin types and ages


No replacement brush heads, EVER!


Medical grade class 6 silicone: bacteria resistant


• Petal shape design for hard to reach areas
• Front side: Cleanses and exfoliates
• Back side: Pushes product deeper into the skin to improve product penetration
• Pulsation massage: Increases circulation and enhances cell hydration


Two years on all devices

ZOE Bliss

  • Recommended by physicians and only available at medical aesthetic practices

    One single device for all skin types, made possible by 15 adjustable speeds

    Front Side: Rhythmic (vs. random) pulsations at 7500 pulse per minute to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin

    Made of medical grade silicone: hypoallergenic, latex-free, and resistant to bacterial growth

    ZOE arrives in a beautiful gifting box that includes a travel bag and USB charging cable

    Back Side: Intermittent pulsations to massage, support lymphatic drainage, and push skincare products deeper

  • Powerful cleansing

    This latest Sonic Beauty Device cleanses, massages, and applies skincare for optimum short and long-term results. With an innovative design and revolutionary T-Sonic® Technology, ZOE BLISS delivers 7500 micro-pulsations per minute to cleanse, exfoliate, massage, maximize skin care product penetration and absorption on a cellular level. This helps to reduce signs of aging and to reinvigorate the glow to your skin.


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