Is This The Vampire Facial?

The procedure was nicknamed vampire facial after certain Hollywood stars spoke about the treatment, describing their blood being injected back into their face.

However, please don’t worry about being smeared with blood. It is actually a very clean procedure. Firstly, it only uses the very refined platelet-rich plasma, rather than the whole of the blood. Secondly, the PRP solution can be injected back, or applied with micro-needling, for very precise delivery of the platelets right into the skin’s mid-layer. The procedure has become very popular due to its effectiveness in delivering some very good results.

Is PRP New?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used in many medical procedures over the years. It was originally developed for patients with burns, as the PRP can be used to encourage the skin’s regeneration. Other medical applications apart from wound healing, includes sports injuries and even joint surgery.

Is This A Stem Cell Facelift?

Some people do refer to PRP as a stem cell facelift and there will be some stem cells in the plasma. However the amount of growth factors carried within the platelets is far more significant in the regeneration process.



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