Medical grade chemical peels exfoliate and stimulate the skin to correct common conditions.

At Willow Medical Aesthetics we use Chemical Peels as part of a SkinCeuticals integrated facial protocol. This procedure uses medical grade skincare and is customised to your skin type and concerns. Peels are performed by a very experienced aesthetician. You do receive a facial as part of the protocol to prepare your skin for your peel.

Light peel
Uses a mild acid such as alpha hydroxy or salicylic acid to gently remove outer skin layers. These peels are facial “refreshers” that can treat mild discolouration and skin roughness, and they can be performed as often as every two weeks.

Medium peel
Use slightly stronger acids to penetrate middle skin layers, which improves the appearance of the skin overall, leaving it with a glow, smoother looking and a more even complexion.

What is it?

SkinCeuticals peels are an integral part of achieving optimal skin health and appearance. Tailored to specific skin types and conditions, these treatments are designed to target hyper-pigmentation, aging, acne, and more. Peels also enhance the results of patients’ home care regimens and other in-office procedures. SkinCeuticals peels targets discolouration, skin tone, radiance, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and pore congestion without over drying the skin.

What to expect?

Depending on the kind of peel you choose, you might need to follow a skincare plan before and after having your peel. Most facial peels don't need this kind of preparation, but it can improve the results of some and reduce possible side effects. On the day of your treatment, your skin is thoroughly cleansed, so it can easily absorb the peel solution. By default, this means that you receive a facial as part of receiving your peel. The peel is quickly applied to your skin in a thin, even layer. During this time, most people feel a mild stinging or burning sensation— that fades away within seconds—on the skin where the peel was applied.

Facial peels are generally safe procedures, but they can cause some side effects during the recovery period. Most light peels only result in some mild redness and itching and flaking for a few days. Medium peels can give you light to moderate peeling and might take up to two weeks to heal. Sun exposure must be avoided for the first two to four weeks to prevent skin irritation and discolouration.

Conditions it treats

Medical grade chemical peels exfoliate and stimulate skin to correct common conditions like:

  • Fine lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Congested skin
  • Acne & Blemishes
  • Skin Tone and Texture
  • Irregular pigmentation