As we begin to age, the body loses the ability to produce collagen and elastin as it once did, resulting in a loss of skin volume and firmness. Morpheus8 is a revolutionary method of skin tightening.

Morpheus8 RF Microneedling combines RF (radiofrequency) skin treatment with microneedling to achieve maximum skin regeneration in the deeper layers of the skin.

This fractional skin treatment stimulates collagen production of the underlying layers of the dermis. By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, tissues of the face and body can be remodeled to reveal a more radiant, youthful appearance.

In both our Courtenay and Campbell River locations, we are eager to help you achieve the skin results you desire. Whether that means fading old scarring or lifting and plumping the skin, we have the tools and skills to get you there.

You may be a candidate for Morpheus RF Microneedling if:

  • You have fine lines, wrinkles, lax skin, or other signs of aging
  • You have acne scars or facial scars

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How – what is it?

Through the power of RF technology, Morpheus8 is so much more than a traditional microneedling treatment.

The Morpheus8 handheld applicator has a head with gold-coated steel micro-pins. This advanced technology uses coated needles which allow the radiofrequency waves (RF) to penetrate deeper into specific areas. Morpheus8 delivers a deep fractional treatment, penetrating subdermal tissue up to 4mm, with an additional heat profile of 1mm. This is much deeper than a traditional microneedling treatment.

As these needles penetrate deep into the layers of your skin, powerful RF energy is channeled into your skin, heating the tissue to stimulate your body’s production of collagen and elastin. At the same time, the energy tightens the existing fibers and remodels fat, so the contours of your face are refined, and the skin firmed to leave you with a youthful finish.

Morpheus8 effectively remodels skin and tissue with minimal risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This treatment is exceptionally effective because it also targets and kills fat cells by melting them.

Conditions it treats

This treatment can treat:

  • Face
  • To improve wrinkles, fine lines, creased, wrinkling, or sagging skin
    • For active acne
    • For acne scars or trauma scars
    • To resurface, decrease pore size and improve overall skin appearance
    • Submental fullness (or double chin)
  • Lip lines
  • Neck
    • To improve wrinkles and fine lines and reduce loose skin
    • Sagging or creased neck skin
    • To reduce “jowls” or remove small areas of fat
  • Body
    • Can improve appearance of stretch marks.
    • Can improve appearance of surgical scars.
    • Can reduce small areas of fat or loose skin such as above the knee, around the elbow, or on the mons pubis.
  • Axilla (underarms)
    • Can be used to treat Hyperhidrosis and reduce sweat glands.
  • Hands
    • Can be used to treat wrinkles.
    • Can be used to treat excessive sweating.

What to Expect?

Before your treatment, a topical numbing cream is applied to make the experience more comfortable. Once the area is numbed, the cream is removed from your face. The Morpheus8 device is then applied to your skin. The depth of treatment is customized for the facial area being treated. The depth of the needles ranges from 1 mm to 4 mm. Heat radiates from each of the needles, which stimulates the growth of collagen and helps to repair the skin from within.

You may feel a sensation like a gentle pricking of your skin. Our patients tell us the sensation is not very painful or difficult to experience. Your skin may be red, and you may see pinpoint bleeding from the micro-injuries during the treatment. We will apply a post treatment and you will be advised on homecare to soothe and care for your skin.

You will start to see results 1-3 weeks after the first treatment, but the optimal outcome of this treatment comes about gradually in the following months as you see your skin continue to improve, becoming firmer, softer, plumper, and more youthful. We recommend a minimum of 3 treatments to experience optimal results.

Why Choose Willow Medical Aesthetics

Our Medical Director, Dr Liezl Sullivan, works full time in our clinics in Courtenay and Campbell River. She is qualified in both GP Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine.  Our technicians are all certified for all the treatments we provide. We are committed to providing long-lasting and significant results, so you can feel more confident. That’s also why we offer such an extensive collection of services, ranging from facial peels to treatments for urinary incontinence.